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We know, we know.  The Chilterns is a commuter belt, right?  Just on the edge of suburbia?  Where we can relax and just enjoy life? Well, not really.  There are so many of us in this world now, that ignoring the issues of pollution and waste is no longer an option.  You may well not be using plastic bags to collect your shopping any more, but is all your food still wrapped in plastic?  Why? Right up until the 70s most food was wrapped in newspapers or brown paper. Do you make your own clothes or recycle material?  Do you buy clothes that you will wear for several years, or will they be landfill in 3 months?  Are your clothes made out if oil (i.e. of the same plastic as the bags we no longer use), or are they biodegradedable? Becoming aware of our garment footprint is as important as food, transport, energy renewal, everything, really.

Here at Chiltern Wool we make jumpers from wool that is (almost)straight off the back of a local sheep.  In the UK there are 72 plus breeds of sheep and if you have a particular breed you want to make a jumper out of, we can do it for you.  

We help local farmers and the environment and YOU by making beautiful knitted garments out of endlessly renewable wool from interesting and varied local breeds (some with very weird names).  

We live here in the beautiful Chiltern Hills and our clothes are a product and a reflection of our surroundings.

We represent the antithesis of  fast fashion.  Wool jumpers are known universally as a quintessential comfort garment, with a slow heritage dating back hundreds of years.  Chiltern Wool Ltd. is an entirely unique small manufacturer of superior quality woollen goods.

We offer a design & make service for designers, students and entrepreneurs.  We provide small manufacturing runs. Email to enquire.

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We have a range of beautiful blankets and can knit them to your specified size.


We make all sorts of scarves...


Thin or thick hats, beanie, and we are developing other styles.


We do Small, Medium and Large,  Round neck, V neck and Tank top in a variety of colours (lots of natural sheep shades too)!

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our working hours are a bit erratic at the moment so please email for more info!

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